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Cruises prices

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Cruises are favored holiday options for singles, families, couples, and groups of friends alike. In a nutshell, just about anyone of any age enjoys the notion of going on a cruise store for a wonderful getaway. The excellent thing is they don’t need to be expensive at all – even all inclusive ones. The world wide web has made it much easier for ordinary leisure travelers to do their own research and compare costs.

If you’re going with kids, Disney is obviously the most popular option, although the other lines provide a whole lot of family-fun activities also. You might end up finding a better deal with one of these.

In regards to the normal cruise fare, you’re paying for the fare itself, in addition to a cottage, a few dishes here and there, and transport to/from ports of call. The price doesn’t include food, Raccoon Poop, beverages, and all the other essentials and onboard credit. This is the reason why a lot of folks turn to all inclusive bargains, which does include a good deal of necessities. What, just”all inclusive” means varies from boat line to boat line.

Alcoholic beverages aren’t included in standard cruise fare in any respect, and carbonated beverages are restricted. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol and a great deal of caffeine, pick an all inclusive package that includes beverages.

Unfortunately, the world wide web isn’t free on several ships. Broadband and high-speed online access generally has only started to proliferate cruise ships. If you prefer Wi-Fi at the middle of the sea, an online package is essential.

What Else to Search for in All Inclusive Cruise Deals

• Pre-paid gratuities

• Particular (select) events

• Specialty dining

• Photo packages

• Roundtrip airfare

• Resort transfers before trip

Once more, not all these are provided by all cruise lines. How do you understand just what is included and what’s not? When searching over deals and comparing costs, you can usually click on each package to find out more about it and to see all the details, including a list of all you’ll be paying for if you pick the offer. To be sure that you really get everything that’s contained, only book all inclusive cruise deals via a dependable travel website.

Just use online voucher codes to save on not just the cruise , but airfare and car rental also.

Creating Income

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I’ve been a student of the wealth creation formula for a couple of decades. This program has helped me quit my job, increase my income, and has helped me invest in income-producing assets. The Wealth Creation Formula is your key to financial freedom. Irrespective of where you live unless you take control of your income and finance, you will struggle.

Commit to creating wealth for you, your loved ones, and your community. Being wealthy does have its benefits. Don’t you need those advantages? To become rich and wealthy you will need to have income. Income is the key to wealth creation. Now you have probably been taught to save your money, pay off your debts, and live on a budget. Though these help you on your way to wealth. Income is the only way to assist you graduate from the middle class.

Income is King

The most crucial step in the Wealth Creation Formula is generating income. Income is King and with no income, you’ll fail financially. It’s that simple. How important is income? There are plenty of stories of professional athletes that have become broke, filing bankruptcies, and working regular jobs after retirement. Of course, their poor spending habits, bad investments, and bad money management have contributed to their own financial downfall.

But the 1 key that most folks overlook is that once those professional athletes retire they don’t create those million dollar checks . Their professional careers are over and they stop producing that income. Regardless. If they lived a lush lifestyle if they still had that big payday they would be OK.

Once the income especially those million dollar contracts dry up they’re in trouble. They still have to produce income after their careers are over. According to Sports Illustrated, after only two years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players were either broke or struggling financially. When you have expenses and no income to match it the sole result is going bankrupt.

Start Where You Are

Income is your source of wealth. Your job or business is fundamental. Whether you like what you do or not it is producing income. Furthermore, if you are making money there’s a chance to create more of it.

The best place to start is where you are now. You have a source now it is time to milk it before it dries up. Your job or your business brings in money. Your next step is to increase your income flow. I am going to teach you how you can do that in another lesson. For those without an income. Go create one today.

If you have a job or a company look for ways to produce more income form that flow. If you’re unemployed, well you need to get some cash. Go get a job, sell some stuff on the internet, visit the streets and beg. You have to get an income flow. You will not become rich without making money. The question is what can you do now to earn money?

Learn how to create income. You have a skill set that can get you paid. But you need to understand how to develop it. Your job trained you on how to be employed. Thus you perform their duties and you earn cash. With that said now it is time for you to learn more to earn more.

Charles Fitzgerald Butler is an entrepreneur and expert in marketing and sales. You can partner with Charles and start building multiple income streams from your dwelling. Charles’ goal is to help all who partner with him achieve cash flow and profits from their business.

Get More Clients!

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For many small business owners, the urge to secure more clients translates to how best to advertise themselves. However, getting new customers is significantly harder than continuing to serve current clients. This report considers how to bring in more business from existing clients while simultaneously reaching new clients. The former is a matter of service delivery while the latter is a question of marketing.

The Question of Service Delivery On Your Consulting Business

In continuing to serve existing clients, you want to ensure that you keep adding more value to existing services. Like beauty, value is in the eye of the beholder: Your client.

You can find new ways of serving existing clients by surveying them to learn what they like and appreciate and what they find dissatisfying, frustrating or annoying. Based on your customers’ answers, you will know how best to tweak your offering in order to incorporate more of what they like and appreciate and less of what they find dissatisfying, frustrating or annoying.

You may also tweak your offerings based on what you’ve located your customers to enjoy, value and appreciate over time. In some instances, it is a simple matter of changing some minor detail that is inconsequential to yourself, but highly meaningful to your customers. In other instances, it’s an issue of providing additional and more comprehensive offerings that dovetail with existing services. In so doing, you become a one-stop shop.

Finally, you might be able to reach your current customers more efficiently by offering your existing services across a range of platforms. Similarly, you might also consider extending your offerings into the printed word (such as subscription-based newsletters, special reports, downloadable e-books or published books). If you are already providing training or public speaking, you could extend your offerings further by providing CDs and DVDs of your work.

The Issue of Marketing for Your Small Business

There are many ways to market your consulting business. The method you choose may reflect your individual taste. It may also reflect your accessibility, as well as the degree of comfort you have with the range of marketing methods available to you. Whatever methods you use, you might want to ensure that they dovetail well with one another.

1. Websites: Your website should reside at the heart of your marketing initiatives. Ideally, any other marketing initiatives you engage in should direct people to specific pages on your own site. The specific webpage that prospective customers are led to will depend on where they found out about you (and hence, the offerings they will be most interested in). You will want your website to be easy to navigate, professional and consistent with your business brand.

2. Newsletters: Newsletters can be a revenue stream if you make them available via subscription or membership schemes. They are also a valuable marketing tool. However, newsletters are best when they are developed based on your expertise and use a unique style that’s consistent with your company brand. As a marketing tool, you can make previous issues freely on your site. You can also hand out past issues to your current and prospective clients where applicable to their needs and interests.

3. Social networking : The assortment of marketing options under social media is quite extensive these days, such as: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Social media is most effective as a marketing tool when you pick the one or two platforms you most enjoy using and regularly post on them. You’ll want to use your social networking platforms as mediums by which you point followers to particular pages in your website.

4. Networking: Networking is among the simplest types of marketing. It is also the very useful if you are able to join several networks where your potential clients may be found. Networking is most effective when you start by asking prospective customers about themselves. In so doing, they feel appreciated and will probably reciprocate by asking you about yourself. Be sure to bring a lot of your business cards so you will always have the ability to provide one of your cards upon request. You will also find it valuable to offer prospective clients with tips as well as introduce them to the right people. Kind deeds are always favourably recalled. If you can obtain your prospects’ contact information, you can place them on your mailing list to receive free copies of your newsletters.

5. Articles: Articles are a great way of showcasing who you are and what you can do for potential clients. You will want to provide valuable information on a variety of topics your existing customers are most interested in. You’ll also want to set your articles in a selection of different platforms and do this on a regular basis. Some might show up on your social networking channels. Others might appear on your website. Others still, could be submitted to other sites or magazines that your potential clients frequent. For those posts that are placed outside of your site, you will want to include links back to specific pages of your website.

6. Public Speaking and Authoring: Authoring and public speaking reflect two additional ways of showcasing your talents. In some instances, they may act as separate revenue streams. Once more, you’ll want to talk and write to subjects that reflect your area of expertise; areas where you want to draw new business. If space permits, you could even host presentations on your own premises. For those who have authored any books, be sure to highlight their presence as part of your presentation. Once more, you might also draw attention to the presence of your site. You may also want to invite back-of-room sales after the speaking event.

Do you want to learn more? Make certain to check at some of my other ezine articles. You will also find more posts on this, and related, topics on both my websites:

Military? Wanna Drive For Uber?

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For members of the military, making ends meet is still a challenge in today’s world. However, the duties of being in the military curtail most part-time jobs as their commitment prevents them from working over a brief period for themselves. But for those in the military who have their own qualifying vehicle or lease a TLC automobile, Uber provides an option to make extra cash in their time.

If you are a part of the US military, you’re utilised to be transferred around the nation, if not the world, on a regular basis. However, for people who have their own vehicle which qualifies for Uber or may rent a TLC car for Uber, you have the option of working on your off-time, such as a couple of days monthly, to make some additional money driving for Uber.

However, many of those in the military might not have some of the fundamental requirements to work for Uber. Namely, Uber requires that you have an in-state drivers license and also in-state insurance for your vehicle or the vehicle that you use.

Uber makes no exceptions for those in the military, although in the event that you’re in the military, it is possible to drive for Uber assuming you meet all the requirements. You will need to ask your commanding officer and fill out any paperwork required by the army that you drive for Uber.

For many members of the army, especially those with long-term assignments to a location, this should not be an issue. The only exception would be for those that are currently enrolled in Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) which means that the military will keep you from holding an outside job, even one driving for Uber. But you should always consult your commanding officer or consult the rules and regulations to ascertain what you can and can’t do while being in the military.


Since all military members must fulfill Uber requirements, which include using an in-state driver’s license along with in-state insurance, the appropriate qualifying vehicle, and the other requirements set out by Uber, if you meet all of the standards, then it’s possible to drive for the rideshare company.

Keep in mind that there’s one exception in terms of having an in-state driver’s license if you are located in a city that borders another state, such as New York City for example. This means you could drive across state lines while still fulfilling the requirements for Uber. Otherwise, you must satisfy all requirements for Uber and Lyft like you were not a part of the military.

If you don’t meet the requirements for Uber, there are other on-demand jobs that are well suited to members of the army whether you drive your own vehicle or rent a TLC car, like delivering packages or food depending on the company that you select.

Are you vacuuming these places in your home?

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When it comes to vacuuming, you know well that it is important to be as comprehensive as possible. No vacuum cleaner can pick up each and every dust particle, but if you forget to vacuum a place completely, it only means there will be all the more dust there. It is safe to say that carpet cleaning solutions will fix your carpeting, but there are even more places that you ought to vacuum on your own.

You may not have thought about it, but the vacuum is among the most versatile cleaning tools you have in your dwelling. It is a waste not to make the most of it during your cleaning rounds. Here’s What all of these fancy attachment can help you deal with:

Therefore, your good night sleep may not be as good as you desire, but there’s a nice remedy. It is excellent for picking up spoils from the fabric. It is a great solution for cleaning all the quilted crevices. More importantly, it keeps the mattress fresh so you can sleep with no problem there.

Shades and blinds – window coverings not only get dusty from indoor action, but also from the outside. After all, these regions are exposed to pollen, dust and a whole lot of other allergens and spoils. As such, it is important to deal with the area with your vacuum cleaner. The tool is a excellent way to refresh any kind of window coverings and give them a nice look.

Windowsills – while you are near the chimney, it pays to use the soft brush attachment to go over the dust and dirt on windowsills. If this place is left ignored, it can collect a great deal of dust and dirt.

Fridge coils – the refrigerator is one of those appliances that work non-stop. This workhorse of the kitchen is dust-free only on its front side, where it is not hard to use a moist cloth to tackle dust. However, it’s the coils of the appliance you have to believe about. You can do a fantastic cleaning service there with the crevice tool.

Keyboard – dust readily finds its way into space between keys, but that is not all. If you are used to snacking on your desk when working with the computer, you’ve crumbs and other food debris get in the keyboard as well. The vacuum cleaner is a wonderful way to clean all of that.

Ducts and vents – atmosphere circulation often contributes to severe dust accumulation with time. Don’t let this happen by regularly vacuuming these areas.

As you can see, there are a few places that require your attention so far as vacuuming is concerned. Make certain to commit the time and deal with the task so that you can improve the environment in your home.

Cucumber water

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Cucumber water is one way to remain healthy and refresh. It’s simple to make once you get your cucumber, simply wash it thoroughly, slice it, and put the pieces in a pitcher filled with water and place it in your fridge for some time, so the water can become infused with flavor, after an hour is ready for consumption.

Cucumber Water Helps in Treatment of Blood Pressure

Potassium increase and decrease of sodium intake may decrease your blood pressure by a small amount. Occasionally not drinking enough water or drinking way too much water can also increase blood, so it is crucial to balance your water consumption.

Cucumber Water Gives a Young look

Cucumbers help your body fight free radicals, due to their antioxidant content thereby slowing down aging and improving your body’s ability to fight disease. Although not as high as some intensely colored vegetables, such as red cabbage.

Water transports oxygen, essential minerals, and vitamins, and also functions as a way of flushing toxins from our system, so getting an adequate amount is actually a part of healthy aging. And what better way to do it than with tasty cucumber spa water.

Cucumbers has vitamin K that plays a very important role in strengthening bones by promoting orthotropic activity, the high amount of silica in it promotes joint by strengthening the connective tissues, cucumbers help keeps your bones healthier as you age. Vitamin K is also vital for proper blood clotting, so it’s important to get your fair share. 1 raw cucumber with the peel on contains 62 percent of the daily required value based on Self Nutrition. By the way, Vitamin K, which is truly a group of compounds, is present in several other green foods also, such as kale, spinach, and collard greens, and some not so green ones, such as blueberries and cauliflower.

Cucumber Water Fights Cancer

Yet another reason to eat and drink your cucumber water is that its comprises cucurbitacins which assists in treating cancer, since they kill cancer cells and stop their proliferation. Cucumber sufficient fluid intake which is simple to do, if you do take tasty spa water routine all day long, also reduces chances of developing urinary cancer.

Cucumber Water helps in Weight Loss

Cucumber can also function as a natural mild diuretic helping you get rid of the extra water and bloating. Cucumber spa water will obviously quench your desire and make you forget about drinking water or should I call it water packed with sugar. This is an easy way to cut calories from your daily diet. Not only that, but cucumber water makes plain water taste better, so you’re probably taking more water. Water is an important element in preventing constipation, which can lead to swelling in the abdomen and add on a few added pounds. Also, sufficient water consumption helps your body’s natural detoxification processes, making it function better, thereby facilitating weight loss.

Drinking water keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Drink some spa water at the same time you take it with some chilled cucumber slices on your eyes.

Cucumber Water Cures Hangover

Alcohol is dehydrating and toxic to your system, you need plenty of water and nutrients to start healing splitting headache that makes you sick from a bit too much drinking, cucumber should function as a rescue. Replenish your body with cucumber spa water, which is filled with water and essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

Back Pain

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This page contains information on how to elevate back pain.

Back pain isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Increasingly our lifestyles are putting a great strain on our backs.

Stress and anxiety are all too common indicators of this hectic lives we lead. Unfortunately they can lead to back and neck pain as we physically and emotionally tense and round up our shoulders.

Moreover, we continue to work (a lot of us) in environments where we sit for extended periods of time, largely at desks glued to our computer. For many people, sitting in a seat for 40 hours plus per week is the quickest way to develop back pain that seriously hurts! And what’s worrying is that for some people, they have never even experienced back pain before; they’ve never experienced lower back pain, shoulder difficulties or neck pain, but suddenly notice these symptoms coming on. Even if the symptoms do not last for very long, they can start affecting people on a daily basis.

The worst part is that if you do get lower back pain, it may seem so tough to eliminate. You try adjusting your posture and it still hurts. You try rubbing it or massaging it or stretching it out fast – and it still hurts.

So here are a few exercises you can do right now for lower back pain relief.

Exercises For Your Lower Back

The underlying premise is simple: you are experiencing pain because of chronic inactivity and anxiety and this weakens certain muscles and tightens others. So here are two powerful exercises which we know work. (Even famous celebrities and professional athletes do these to handle their back pain)

Exercise one – (Duration: 5-10 minutes)

Lie on your back with both legs bent at right angles either on a chair or block
Rest your hands on your stomach or lay with your arms out in the side below shoulder level, with your palms facing upward
Breathe from your tummy. Let the lower back relax.
Hold the position for 5-10 minutes
Exercise two
How to do it:

Lie on your back with one leg resting on a chair, with your knee bent at 90 degrees, while the other leg is extended straight out and resting on the floor.
Make sure both legs are aligned with your hips and shoulders
The foot of your extended leg should be propped upright to prevent it from rolling to one side
Hold this posture for a couple of minutes then do the same on the opposite side.
Exercise three
Make sure you move and walk even if you can only manage 10 minutes at a time. Try and do a 10 minute walk 3 times daily.

We do recommend that you always consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise programme.

Questions You Should Ask Before Booking A B&B

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Work life balance is becoming more important as our world continues to grow connected and simultaneously more complex. Balancing work, family, finances, hobbies, and self-care, can be a juggling act worthy of a circus performance. From time to time it’s very important to get away and concentrate on either self-care or some rest and relaxation with your significant other or spouse. Before you plan your journey, make certain you look into what lodging would best suit you.

What Sort of amenities?
Travelling can be as lavish as you want it to be. Often times, people enjoy camping and staying in places or areas with minimal amenities so they can connect more with character and be away from the things in everyday life which bring convenience but have become mundane. Other times, staying in a very comfortable B&B packed full of amenities can be the most relaxing choice. Deciding ahead of time on which sort of amenities you will need to feel relaxed and have a terrific time, can help you fine tune exactly what you’re looking for.
Style of accommodation
Do you enjoy cozy, country and ranch style homes or are you more into the rustic and forested cottage vibe? Picking out the correct style of lodging can go a long way in improving the enjoyment of your stay. Together with deciding on the amenities, choosing the design that appeals to you will help create the ideal atmosphere for your weekend get-a-way. Whether it’s a cabin, ranch, cabin, or other exceptional style- put some real thought to it and you won’t be disappointed. For camping and cabins check out the Trails West Retreat, and for an authentic ranch style experience consider the Happy Hallow Cottage.
based on the purpose of your journey, you might want to relax in total silence surrounded by nature, or embark on many adventures in town. Figuring out the events and places you plan on visiting prior to booking your lodging makes it possible to have logistical control and will enhance your ability to plan a fun vacation. Are you interested in late night dancing, Animal Pros, saloons, and live music? Or, are you into a quiet night in a 5-star restaurant.
Many of us have budget limitations that lead us to miss some better options if we are selecting a place to stay. With just a little forethought and some preparation, you can avoid be constrained by your budget. By selecting the locations that you would ideally like ahead of time, you will be able to call ahead, negotiate better deals, or find bargains through travel agents and travel websites. Booking ahead of time, well in advance of your dates, can also procure you a better price occasionally. The Prairie Hill Bed and Breakfast offers a relaxing area perfect for newly weds or couples who want a romantic escape- just make sure to book ahead!
Family trip or romantic
Finally, you need to know which kind of trip this is. Are you attracted members of your family or heading out solo with your partner or significant other? Based on which one you choose, you’ll need to make sure your lodging has adequate space and necessities to facilitate a smooth and comfortable stay for all.

Stop Wishing And Hoping

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Have you ever had someone tell you that they were not interested in having a relationship with you? That can be a devastating thing to hear.

Did you find it hard to let go? Can you minimize the message and hang on to some dream hoping that with time the individual would change their mind?

Unfortunately, when we feel lonely or needy, it’s easy to fall into a fantasy world where reality is downplayed.

Feeling sorry for people can keep us trapped in unhealthy relationships where our needs aren’t met. We try harder and harder to help another person without anything in return except disrespect and abuse.

Fear is an emotion that can stop us from establishing healthy boundaries. When we think that we’ll disappoint, angry or lose another person we can sacrifice our own needs repeatedly until we’re miserable and ill.

In it, he tells the tales of customers he’s treated who suffered from severe diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. They all had one thing in common. Each of these was focussed on meeting the needs of others and ignoring the injury that they had experienced in their own lives.

We have all heard about how Type A individuals are extremely goal-oriented and competitive. They push ahead with fire until they get what they want. Type B personalities are more balanced and less stressed about life. Mate’s profiles are what he describes as Type C. These are people who may seem to be quiet and considerate but beneath the surface are angry and frustrated. Rather than asserting themselves, they tend to concentrate on pacifying others. Because they push their emotions down and deny needs, their bodies break down.

Healthy relationships have several things in common:
1. Communication is clear and respected. When someone says something, another person believes them and respects the message.
2. Each individual knows where they stop, and the other person begins. They take responsibility for their own actions and permit another person to be responsible for their actions.
3. Forgiveness is given but negative patterns are faced rather than forgiven repeatedly without change being witnessed.
4. Needs are recognized for both parties and every person endeavors to help them be met.
5. Values are shared and honoured by both.

We are living in an age of speed where we’re accustomed to getting what we want fast. Entering a connection immediately, however, can be misleading because occasionally people tend to say what they think you need to hear rather than reveal who they really are.

It is much better to take time to get to know another person before you enter a serious relationship. It takes time and not only words to make an accurate assessment.

And remember, you can meet a lot of wonderful people but that does not mean that they’re a great match for you! You have to know yourself and your needs before you may find the most appropriate partner.

Finally, if you are more committed to another than they are to you, it is time to check in the mirror. Perhaps you will need to take appropriate actions and call Melbourne Wildlife Removal to improve your situation.

Wishing and hoping just are not enough!

New Collector Knowledge

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Art collecting can be called an art onto itself, and I should say there’s no perfect way to buy art! Yes, there are many styles, Melbourne Opossum Removal titles, trends and some artwork goes up faster than others. Art can be quite trendy and people may be talking about this artist more than that one. But somewhere between fine wine and investments is where you’ll find fine art.

The basics of art as an investment is that you purchase a piece of art that you’re passionate about and in time the artist, gallery, or art home start selling that artist’s art for more than what you paid for it. Voila! You now have equity in your piece of art, keeping in mind there are a number of factors to how fast the equity grows and demand for that particular artist. A friend of mine occasionally uses her collection as currency, trading artworks for other things she needs. She has used this method to buy automobiles, pay bills and dinner. The real value in art is finding other people that are as passionate about that artist as you are. Corporations, museums and travel trailers lease these kinds of artworks all the time that provide income for the owners. But If you want a warranty on your art buying… then I suggest you buy art for love, you will always get your value from it.

Do Your Research

Spend some time learning about the artwork and the artist because trends and popularity can be misleading. Whenever possible, buy art in person and even better match with the artist. Ask them about the series if it is in one, ask what’s the size of it and if they plan on continuing the sequence. Sooner or later, you might plan to purchase another art and it would be useful to know if there’ll be more in that style. If you’ve got the pleasure of talking to the artist, then try to learn if they do art fulltime, where they will be showing next and what projects are coming up next. A lot of artists do studio sales, that help control their stock, sale one-off pieces, and earn them additional income. Knowing when these artists are having their studio earnings can normally save you a great deal of cash, and you get to hang-out from the studio. Research can be a collector’s best friend.

Collect using a Focus

This is a difficult one for new collectors because they have not put any parameters yet. You do not need to limit yourself to just one type of work. Concentrate on a style or a couple of styles, this will truly help you build a fantastic collection. This type of collecting will help to make it easier for identifying the sorts of works you want to buy.

Any respectable art dealer or gallery should supply you with things such as the provenance, condition, artist information with signature, history and edition numbers.

As a collector, you want to have all the documentation for your collection. Because anyone that needs to evaluate your collection must have a very thorough understanding of all the pieces. From your very first artwork you buy, start a list of all the works, descriptions, invoices of sale costs, the purchase dates, and subsequent appraisal prices. It is a good practice and will save you so many headaches in the future.

One of the simplest ways to learn more about an artwork or an artist is to ask questions, have fun and happy collecting.