Road to Gratefulness

Trust me. I have been there just like you and have my fair share with the battle. First thing we need to do if we encounter our emotions is we need to stop, detect, and state,

“I’m human, these ideas are merely thoughts.

We tend to blame ourselves, feeling like it is unnatural or wrong to have these feelings and thoughts. After we just accept them for what they are and create a genuine affirmation that they won’t harm us, we are good! If we could do this first part then leaves more open space for your upcoming steps.

The next thing we will need to do is change our thinking. How? You say? Simply by rationalizing.

Consider it as a movie playing on a projector. It’s in our hands on how we should respond. By way of instance, Ronny had the most embarrassing conversation with Sally. Ronny procedures that and felt like he was not good enough to hold a dialogue, was not intellectual enough, just was not good enough period.

Had Ronny shifted his attention by telling himself, he had been good enough, this was not the ideal timing, she was not the right one but the best one would come, etc. he’d have been fine.

But how do shifting focus even happen? It is hard enough when we are hurt, sad, or upset. How can we change our thinking?

If it comes to that point where you’re not able to reevaluate your thinking, the best thing to do would be to remain current and breathe slowly. Keep your eyes open in case you must stay present.

It won’t be easy. But doing this can allow you to gain peace and momentum.

The Ultimate Final Measure: Road to Raccoon Removal Cost Gratefulness

When you start to train your mind to think a certain way, we start to notice things that truly matter. Matters that feeds our soul, things that emotionally fulfill us. We start to understand how thankful we are.

All our life we have created a pattern of telling ourselves crap. Imagine having the ability to tell yourself great things over and over and over again. Literally.

Tell yourself something you are grateful about.


So we talked about discovering our ideas and accepting them for what they are. We touched on how important it is to speak to ourselves by telling ourselves great thoughts. We mentioned to change our thinking by rationalizing and if we reach that point where it’s too late, breathe to silence the thoughts. Finally we create a pattern to inform ourselves repeatedly what we’re grateful about. This method will lead you to the path to Gratefulness. If we’re thankful we could do everything else.

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